Option to have no shield on archer

  • Can you please add the option for the archer to just take nothing at all instead of the Buckler or Pavise? It would be great if you could pick something else instead, but just having the option to pick “nothing” as your 3rd weapon would be great.

    ?Many people prefer to parry over using a shield. I would much rather be able to just parry with the Javelin instead of covering half the screen with a shield. You could just replace the “shield bash” attack with the same attack as the stab. It’s not like anybody uses the shield bash anyway.
    ?The pavise gives me a giant, distinct silhouette that screams “i will die in one hit to anything” to any enemy that sees me from across the battlefield. I realize that it protects me from projectiles from behind, but I would really rather have the chance of somebody mistaking me for a man at arms instead. At this point I just drop it every time I spawn.

    It is my experience, MANY times, that if I am playing a crossbowman with the pavise enemies will stop whatever they’re doing, even in mid fight, to run over and kill me. The same does not happen when I’ do not have the pavise.

    All I’m asking is the option to simply NOT HAVE a piece of gear. There’s no way that is unbalanced.

  • This is an interesting idea.
    -Its frustrating as a javelin player that you feel you would be better off without a shield because shields are so much worse then parry. Shield should be > parry and should require less stamina to perform then parry.
    -As an archer (user of bows) i find it very easy to spot x-bow men due to their helmet and armour type. The pavis does make them stand out more, but even without i still spot x-bow men very easily. That pavis has probably saved you a great many times with its passive :)
    The reason mallee break away mid combat for archers is that good javelin throws are a threat -x-bowmen with a pavis are easy pickings because they havent got their mallee weapon out yet, however, x-bow men/archers with a mallee weapon out tend to be more pro and can’t be easily dispatched.

    -Throwing weapons would be cool as a 3rd option…he runs out of arrows, but reaches for his throwing knives and saves the day!!!

  • You can always place the pavice on the ground.

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