Loading an online match.

  • Hello all. I recently just got Chivalry:Medieval Warfare and so far I have been enjoying it. However this morning when i woke up I decided to join an online match but it is stuck on the screen saying it is loading. And write when i cancel the load it acts like it was about to finish. PLEASE HELP. This isnt making the game very attractive. I have tried reinstalling and game caching. But nothing has worked

  • Just confirming. You see servers in the server list. And when you try to join, it just sits there acting like its trying?

  • Correct. And when i cancel it acts like it was about to finish

  • This has happened to me before. The way I fixed it was to restart steam, and it seemed to work after that. So my advice to rule out the easy fixes, is to restart steam, try to connect to an official server and wait a minute to see if it ever connects. If not, come back here and we must roll up our sleeves to figure this out.

  • Thanks! This seems to have worked!


    See you on the servers

  • Awesome! See you on the battlefield! :berz:

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