Graphics just wigged out on me.

  • So I was in the middle of a game and my graphics started acting weird. Like I was turning from left to right and there was some weird tearing, like the graphics were lagging, but still kinda smoothly. No lag on the server I was playing on though.

    Then it freezes in the middle of a swing, so I try to alt-tab to see if it froze the whole computer, nothing. Ctrl-alt-del, and task manager comes up, but as soon as it comes up, sound is fine back in the game. So I say screw it and alt-tab back. I’m back in the spawn point cuz someone killed me while I was trying to figure this out. I move my mouse, the screen tears again and it freezes. Alt-tab, ctrl-alt-del and the same thing happens. Sound of continuing gameplay as long as I’m not running the game’s video.

    Restart computer, start Chivalry again. The real-time background in the main menu spazzes for a second and spews random blocky particles into the sky (with shadow effects and all), and then freezes just like before. Restart again, start Chivalry again. The background spazzes so all the models and terrain look like spiky anemones in super-fast motion, and then it freezes just like the previous four times.

    So here I am. I haven’t tried rolling back my drivers or anything yet, but I’ve been playing this game for two days now. I got my best K/D ratio today (.5555, SHUT UP), and I want to play it some more. No-one else has complained about this glitch and I have no idea what’s up.


    ASUS G53JW Intel Core i7 with Windows 7 64 bit
    4.00GB RAM
    GeForce GTX 460M 1.5GB

    Edit: Added DxDiag.

  • Have you monitored your video card temps and cpu temps? Check those and see if its overheating.

  • Is that likely immediately upon booting the game up? I mean the third and fourth crashes were fresh after restarting the computer…

    Also I have no idea how to do that.

  • Could be if it is still too hot.
    MSI afterburner
    Thats for your graphic card, you can even set a custom fan profile which would keep it cool a bit better. Be careful not to touch the other settings, just open it and watch your temps, then see how high it is when it crashed and then check out your cards specified max temps.
    Argus monitor can view all temps.
    It might not be this, but a good possibility.

  • Currently downloading Afterburner. VERY SLOWLY.

    Incidentally, as I was scrolling through this thread, I noticed that vertical lines of pixels were changing color to bright greens, yellows and blues. The last time this happened, I had to roll back drivers to fix the problem, and then wait for the next nVidia release. I hope this isn’t the case again.

  • Tried running Chivalry again with Afterburner. Temperature rises by 4 degrees upon loading Chivalry, no higher. But at the exact second that the main menu live background starts to spaz (this time it was the blocky stuff, the screen went green-filtered, then the top of one of the towers sheared off into infinity) the GPU usage percentage spikes to 100% and then falls to between 0 and 15%.

    So I think something is causing my GPU to think it needs to be working really fucking hard and then it shits itself.

  • Is it only related to this game, or does is it happening in all of them? And what was that max temp?

    If you have any other intense graphic games, try one similar to this games medieval cpu/gpu power

    Sorry just read you said it was happening in thread. Try a rollback that you know was stable, and test that.

  • Rolled back and that made the graphics worse and made my video wiggy throughout my computer. Back to 310.70 nVidia. Gonna try Borderlands 2 or something in the meantime. Lessee what happens.

  • Something like that used to happen on my desktop pc when the card was loose as well

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