3d gameplay

  • First wanna say this game is awesome!
    I have been playing in 3d and loving it even more, wondering if anyone else plays in 3d and how theirs looks?
    I have a few problems with the quest objective markers flickering in and out so much I have to turn them off. With the water I get weird reflections and double water images, and a bit of ghosting on some trees.
    Also when trying to use my cursor to click objects it doesn’t target correctly, and the sliders don’t work right.
    I am new to 3d, only other game I’ve played is TSW with it, and the same problem happens there with markers.

    I am using 3d vision 2 on a Acer gd235hz with dual dvi cable
    msi gtx 670 oc
    i5 3570k @4.8

    If anyone can let me know if they have these problems, or have had them before and know how to fix would be much appreciated.

    I uploaded some screenshots of the issues at http://photos.3dvisionlive.com/xDefianTx/

  • I believe that some people have had similar issues with 3D settings. I am not sure if this is something that Torn Banner can fix or Nvidia. Feel free to ask the question for the upcoming Dev Q&A video: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=7494

  • Hey thanks for the reply, I am unsure if it is on my part or not, so I guess I should wait to find that out first ?

  • hello, I already mentioned this problem on the single topic that I found with a search.

    But no answers :(


  • Hey from reading your post you say its not playable for you, I still play in mine 100% just try to stay looking away from water. What problems do you have with it? I am new to 3d so Idk if this is my problem, or faulty 3d device.
    What other games do you play in 3d, and how do they work for you?
    and the text markers seem to be 75% ok now, not as bad as it was. – I made sure my dual dvi cable wasn’t touching any other wires to help with interference, and it helped out there a bit, but water is still rough for me.

  • Water and all markers of ATH are very disturbing to me, be some setting (depth and convergence) does not solve the problem.

    I am a regular 3D games I played a lot of games (portal 1 and 2, Serious Sam 3, duke nukem forever, battlefield 3, Postal 3, CSS, sonic generation, etc etc …) and I find the impression of depth is not impressive for chivalry, I find it very flat compared to other games.

  • Yeah so we have the same problems, have you heard of helix or ever tried any of that? I guess that it has to do with the shaders and we might have to manual edit them to figure it out.
    I dunno probably going to research that soon now that I found out what the problem is. That only works with dx9 tho, this is a dx9 game right?
    Have you tried helix? If not I will probably work on editing shaders and will let you know if i fix it.

    I know what ya mean by being flat, yea the depth just isn’t there yet.
    All of the other games you play, do they operate alright? I have the same problems as this in The Secret World, but Trine 1/2 is amazing.

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