• Hi
    Playing AoC I had to do a lot of muting cause of its voip system
    What Im saying is that knights had no hand radios so they never used to talk with eachother from different sides of a castle.
    The decision is Resistance and liberation (HL2 mod , not sure about posting a link, may find it on moddb or google) voip system
    Sound from someone using mic decreases with range so you hear only those who is nearby and there were some epic moments cause of hearing enemies (also usable for battle crying before a battle :) )
    For messaging between players could be fun to use special equipment as pigeons instead of just chat which can be shot down so you can read an enemy’s message.
    It will require some squad system but imagine you or ur teammate getting a pigeon or a raven(for masons :D ) that enemy broke through and you have to fall back (no more pussy apearing messages “you have lost a wall” and teleporting to another location, just get flanked and killed if noone sends a pigeon or tells you , ofcourse it will work only if theres a few ways to proceed with objective).
    Also talking about squad system : give ability to some kind of commander to show only those objectives he wants for a single squad so people from squad one get only objective 1 highlighted while other objectives not (players may interact but they get no hints like “go burn da village”). Lets say commander sais squad 1 to go with a ladders to the wall and squad 2 go to some secret pass under the wall. Squad one see a tag which sais charge the wall but cant see 2nd squad’s tag about secret passage so squad 1 doesn’t know about secret passage and keep dieing and distracting. Ofcourse those who play for a while will get it but they will already get understanding what they need to win
    cough cough serverside switchable harcore mod cough cough

  • Like the idea of the chat system, seems very realistic and would add a nice touch to the game.
    Although the idea of a squad and commander etc etc carrier pigeons, doesn’t appeal to me for a handful of reasons.
    1. BF3 uses a squad system, where the squad leader can issue commands and the whole squad can work together. Honestly, the only useful thing about a squad is the ability to spawn on them, but that would be impractical and unrealistic in a game like CMW. I have yet to see a squad in BF3 work together, communicate, send orders, and cooperate that are not friends just in a party, it simply doesn’t work, and if that system would work anywhere it would be in the Battlefield franchise, and it doesn’t.
    2. Pigeons would be a smart idea of communicating IF the maps are very very large and sieges take place on a huge map scale, but i’m not sure if they are, AND there were generals, which the idea has already kinda been shut down. Also, I don’t see how this could work if it were players responsibilities to send the pigeons and command people, mobs of fps players will not pick up on it, and I think it’s overly complex, redundant, and will take away from the experience. (My opinion, not trying to be mean, all ideas are worth discussing.)
    Overall, thoughtful ideas, but maybe some of them aren’t the best for CMW.

  • I have to agree with the one speaking before me.

  • That VOIP communication system would be great if you ask me :)

  • I would love it! If like an Archer saw a pigeon, shot it down, then he sneaks to his targets that DIDN’T get the message and assassinates them.

  • I would very much like the distance-based VOIP system, as you said it would remove the server wide voice spam seen in some AOC games. I would love to be able to communicate to whoever is around me and not just either a select squad or the whole server, and being able to overhear enemy battle cries and tactics would make a more immersive experience. Being able to distinctly request help (read: yell for support) to nearby soldiers would be a very visceral way to include team play at C:MW’s small battle scale.
    The pigeon idea might be a bit too complicated or niche to be incredibly effective and worthwhile though.

  • Developer

    I’m really into this too, used to use it in project reality mod and it was awesome. Going to look into it and see if we can’t get something going even if post release.

  • @sir_loin:

    I’m really into this too, used to use it in project reality mod and it was awesome. Going to look into it and see if we can’t get something going even if post release.

    woohooo developer approval!
    But please if its possible do not follow steps of PR(using teamspeak)
    because sometimes it becomes annoying looking for the right channel\server etc.

  • I like the pigeon or raven idea.

  • The voip system in Resistance and Liberation makes it the best ww2 shooter, the devs put a voip like that in Chivalry :)

    Or at least try it.

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