Every time i try to enter a match the game freeze.

  • Hello, I have a problem with the game (again) once i found a fix (there was something wrong in the starting video, from what i understand, btw putting -nomovie in the launch option of steam the problem was resolved.) now, every time i try to enter, start a new game, or play the training, the game end up blocked, but the music keep working for a bit.

    I already tried to check the game file, if i try to start the game with the other file in the game folder, i can’t, because of the problem i had before(freeze of the game at launch, if someone want info about that problem, go here viewtopic.php?f=69&t=7662&p=65649#p65649 )
    Driver video updated one week ago, same for the driver present in the redchiv folder.

    PC spec:
    Nvidia 8600gt
    CPU intel dual E2180 (@2.00ghz)
    2gb ram.


  • Hey, I have the exact same problem and created a new thread (didn’t find yours before doing it). Did you manage to find a solution?

  • TheJackal,

    Why do you have an ExampleGame.exe file in your Chivalry folder? That’s quite odd. Are you launching from Steam? Steam should automatically set it to run UDK.exe and not ExampleGame.exe.

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