Bhash needs your help!

  • Hello, i am from clan Bhash, a chivalry clan.

    Another guy and i decided to make a Chivalry video for youtube, like, a promotion sorta thing, mad clips, mad music, really catching the feel of Chivalry. After some frapsing, i wondered…:
    If we could get the entire Chivalry community to send their best fraps moment.

    So, i would love for you all to send your best fraps moment to

    This will not be a Bhash clan video, every contributer will be thanked in the video when its done.
    I simply wanna promote this game as i think its some of the best ive ever played, and ive played for decades… :D

    So please, send us your best moments in fraps, with a username attached!
    Name the mail for Chivalry Fraps please, and thank you.

  • I wish. I’ve had some epic moments and amazing shots I wish I could immortalize, but when I try and record in some semblance of quality the game is pretty sluggish and the video is a slideshow set at 20 second picture intervals -.-

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