Balance the game and make it more realistic

  • Hi,

    I love this game, I love middle age period and all games related to it.

    Here are some suggestions to make the game more realistic, and to me, balance it because it isn’t really at the moment.

    • Make the deplacement slower for all classes in all directions, except forward. And way more slower backward (called sometimes “backpedal”).
    • Nerf the jump (a lot more for Knight, maybe not able to jump at all?).
    • Nerf the parry (with a weapon), so wielding a shield becomes really usefull : at the moment, using a shield is just usefull against projectiles, but not really more efficient than the parry with a weapon. So make the parry way more harder, and make it unable to parry more than 1 incoming attack.
    • Nerf the swings : make a swing stop to the first target touched, so it’s no more possible to deal damage to more than 1 target with a single swing.
    • Really change how the stamina system works. It seems playing the tutorial that stamina is important, but you realise in-game that there is no influence, you can jump all over the battleground, sprint, parry, block, and swing without any break.
      Stamina empty : character can only walk, damage decreased. Make it more important so it’s not possible anymore to do what’s said above without any penalty.

    I don’t think those things are really complicated.
    This is how I see the game at the moment, and I think those things done would balance the game between classes and would make this game way more realistic.


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