Recurrent server crashes **FIXED** Solution inside

  • Any other server providers experiencing recurrent server crashes? Usually happens upon map change (randomly) and sometimes even in the middle of a game. Have tried wiping the server back to default, fresh files… still no dice. Frustrating trying to provide players with reliable servers when all they do is crash.

    Here’s a graph of the usage, you can definitely tell when it crashes

    FIXED: Removed all TEAM DEATHMATCH and TEAM OBJECTIVE maps from the maplist… as well as removing MAXPLAYERS=32 from UDKGAME.INI

    I haven’t had a server crash in about two days knock on wood.

  • Are you hosting the server yourself or renting it from a hosting company?
    Also what tool is it that’s monitoring the server? make sure its not that one killing the server when its reach more then the max allowed players (kicked players still count).

  • hello

    I have disable the votekicks the moment and everything works

  • Bump for people who are having similar issues… wasn’t anything to do with votekick either.

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