~~~Dedicated Server Improvements~~~

  • This suggestion relates to the server software itself - and as such I’m not sure how much is within the allowances of the UDK server engine. In any case, I’ll make my few suggestions anyway!


    1. Ability to execute admin commands from the command line in which the server runs, rather than from just within the in-game console. This would make server management incredibly easier.

    2. Display the names (steam names) of players that connect to the server, in the console, rather than just an IP address.

    3. Ability to view currently connected players (rather than just the amount of players). Also, be able to execute many of the in-game console commands on the server (change map, player list etc. etc.)

    4. A single config file, for server specific variables. 90% of the config files relate to actually changing game-play which is good customisation to have, but most servers aren’t going to change this. I have successfully set up several servers, but I think the process could be improved considerably if say: server name, IP, all ports, maps rotation, MOTD, admin password, and voting options were included in one config, which was linked to by the other config that needed them. This just makes sense. Why have things hidden hundreds of lines down a poorly named config with options nobody is ever likely to change. Again, this is probably the UDK engine and not the Chivalry developers’ fault, but if the developers could look into ways to improve this, that would be awesome!


  • I agree with all of this. Not sure how these things were over-sighted.

  • @JHoersten2:

    I agree with all of this. Not sure how these things were over-sighted.

    Glad somebody else agrees! Yeah, when I first downloaded the dedicated server files I had no idea what was going on. I’m not sure why not as much attention was given to the server seeing as without servers - there would almost be no game (I don’t fancy training all the time ;) ), so I’m hoping some improvements are made!

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