Map Adjustments

  • I play a lot of team objective, and I find that they become biased towards the defending team once the number of players in a game goes above 24. I’d like to see some spawn rate adjustments based on # of players in the game.

    Please make filthy peasant and the king to be a color other than red or blue to give better recognition to the players completing the objective.

    It appears to me that for archer bow, bodkin and broadhead arrow icons are backwards.

  • I agree that spawn timers should be dynamic based on the # of people in the game currently, and subject to each specific objective (like sluice cranks on Dark Forest should have quicker respawns than defending the king on Stonehill).

    The higher the amount of people in a server makes attacking that much harder, but that’s mostly due to strategy required. If two organized big teams of people did TO against each other, it actually feels slightly easier on attacking team. But in public games, it’s far easier to be on defending due to how much less coordination it requires in public games.

    This isn’t anything new, but it’s still the truth. The +3 seconds on defending respawns was a great step and definitely made public play much easier, but it’s not the end all solution.

  • Speaking of map adjustments the map where you run up the hill to light the signal fire. I always feel sorry for the attackers (which in my experience succeed around 15% of the time) because they have a long way to run.

    Perhaps removing the respawn timer for the attackers would balance that map.

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