A Javelin Guide + Montage! (HD)

  • Hey guys, I don’t think there’s a guides section of the forums yet, so I’m just gonna go ahead and post this here…

    Anyways, I just finished up my Guide+Montage focusing on the Javelin, so if you want to see some kebab’s and/or hear about a few tips and tricks, check it out!


    Thanks! :D

  • Pretty good coverage of the basics. The worst mistake of archers is overestimating their ranged capability and underestimating their melee, and that is doubly true for javelins.

    There’s only one point that you got wrong. Lower sensitivity is better. If moving the mouse a tiny bit causes you to turn past your target instead of on top of him, you can miss a kill and then die because of that imprecision. There’s no disadvantage to it either; if you have a javelin ready to throw, your turn speed is capped and no amount of higher mouse sensitivity can increase that maximum turn speed. Besides, if there is any case where you need to (and can) turn quickly, you can always move the mouse more to account for the lowered sensitivity.

  • Your montage reminds me of this:
    Seriously, you don’t feint, kick or anything. Whole video are just 10s cuts with you stabing through weak opponents or throwing easy spears at them.

  • Regarding the mouse sensitivity RushSecond, I never said to raise it to the max or anything like that, just higher than standard. I find it helps me check the map quickly and thus react to threats more effectively (I play with a pretty small, standard size mouse-pad, so that’s probably why I prefer it- I just felt clunky with standard).

    I never claimed to be a pro or anything Rumplestiltskin- I play games for fun most of the time and if I win, great, and if not- who cares its a game… I do use a bit of feinting, but honestly its not really necessary when the heavy javelin is so slow- and added to the fact that javelins can’t combo in the first place, most enemies are thrown off without me having to waste time trying fancy stuff. (perhaps as the game ages, that will change, but at the moment quick and dirty tactics work the best so that you can turn and face the next opponent before you’re ganged/ flanked). I know I’m not the most skilled player but strategy and planning seems to be more dominant than even that in this game. Also if you’re comparing me to that video because of the somewhat overly serious tone of my voice, I know about it, and I’m working to improve for my next video (this was my first ever after all…).

    And for the kicking thing, just so you know you cant kick with a javelin- It only has a shield bash.

    I hope that cleared things up! ;)

  • For now, please any and all videos in this thread:



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