Knight bug?

  • Not sure if this is the right section on the forums but ive noticed that sometimes when you play the night and use a sword as your primary e.g Sword of war/ longsword, that when you equip a shield sometimes you will spawn with the primary sword and the shield. Not 100% sure this is a bug as it says on the longsword that it can be equipped in one or both hands however when you change weapons from the primary sword/shield i cant seem to swap back to it so i assume its just a bug, if its not then its just op haha ;)

    I would also like to suggest that archers maybe get a bit of a speed buff seen as they are extremely light armoured and makes no sense that a vanguard whos carrying large amount of chainmail armour cab run the same speed they cant outrun anybody but the knight and considering most ranged weapons take atleast 2-3 hits to kill anyone whos a vanguard or a knight it just seems extremely hard to land all the projectiles before they reach you without being robin hood haha :)

    Best game of the year imo keep up the good work :)

  • Loadout: 2h sword, -whatever-, shield

    Equip 2h
    Press 1

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