1 Flag CTF

  • Instead of a flag, you carry a busty wench! That’s right, a scantily-clad maiden, thrown over your shoulder.
    While carrying the lady, you are restricted in movement, and must be defended by your allies.
    Masons want to use the wench for some kind of sacrifice, Agathians want to get her back, since she is a queen or something.

  • I’d like this :P

  • Have you been spying in on our developer meetings? :lol:

  • It’s……a…TRAP!!!

  • @ChJees:

    Like that?


    Please tell me ChJees is on your concept art team. :twisted:

  • @Rowan:


    Like that?


    Please tell me ChJees is on your concept art team. :twisted:

    Ha! He would fit right in~

  • Him and Scott would get along nicely :)

  • Could be an awesome game mode but whats to stop you filling her full of arrows or killing her on the spot. I can understand the basics of why you want to save her and make your get away for both sides but cant you see why it would be advantageous on both sides just to kill her.

    Agathians want to save the queen masons want to capture and then ransom possibly kill at a later date.
    Agathians could kill her to spite the masons, no witness around kill the Royal bitch blame it on the mason order who kidnapped her and who have been butchering maidens up and down the length of the country to sap Agathian morale.( this establishes motive and precedent). Furthermore she is getting on in age and the king wants more sons this nicely and conveniently allows him to find a younger more buxom queen. ( kings always want more buxom queens it da law)

    The Mason order would gain firstly the Queen, have a Mason noble do the no pants dance with her and you could secure a royal bastard and thus a direct line for the throne heating up the rebellion and granting a somewhat legitimate link to the throne. Another reason why the masons want her alive and the Agathians want her dead.

    Lets spice this game mode up is not everyone tired of the cliched’ good v evil, the kings and queens of the Middle Ages where blood thirsty bastards with even the leaders of respected cults * cough cough Catholics* ordering the occasional conquering pillaging and slaughtering of continents.

    So how about this the Mason Order chance upon the location of Queen and her retainers in the field returning from the winter palace when they are set upon in a forest area like the area at the beginning of stones-hill. After killing all the retainers the mason order decides to take the queen away in order to use her to sire a royal bastard however, due to the over zealous nature of some fresh recruits killing the horses they have to push the Queens carriage.(everyone’s favourite objective carriage pushing).

    A local Agathian unit are informed this by that one lucky survivor who just somehow happened to survive the angry horde of masons and then just as luckily stumbled upon the only regiment of Agathians for miles. The Agathians then decide to head out and kill the masons and the Queen just incase to secure the throne.

    We then have a game mode where the would be kidnappers the bad guys have become the staunch defenders of the queen and the Good guys have the task of killing her and the masons AWESOME RIGHT?

    As for the game mode I picture it like this and bare in mind and speculating on how powerful the ue3 engine is.

    Masons right away spawn on top of the carriage and it needs to people to push it one on each side. Now they have to move this objective away from the agathians who are spawning behind the Mason Order in the forest. The mason order must divide the team sending people to confront the approaching Agathians by manning the battlements and ruins they pass and setting up a rolling defence while other masons accompany the carriage to ensure it is pushed and moved forwards just incase any agathians can push through.

    The dynamic part taking the carriage will be extremely difficult as it is the main spawn point for the Masons so say 2 or 3 Agathians break through they could attempt to kill any and all masons around the carriage and thus block the main spawn point and attempt to hold it for the 5 minutes necessary to destroy the carriage while the masons spawn slightly further ahead or they could attempt to move ahead of the carriage and secure a forward spawning point so that there team can spawn in the path of the masons and Marshall a defence in the hopes of defeating the masons and killing/saving the queen.
    It could even be that this method of defeating the masons could result in the saving of the queen and the other method destroying the carriage and the queen en route resulting in her death.

    If I say so myself this could be an awesome game mode.

  • It could also be some huge box of gold? Locked so tightly that you can’t open it on the battlefield, it would have like handles 2-4, and the “pushing” would work the same way a car or vehicle would, you would press “use” button and your char would hop on the pushing spot, in a stance that it would look like he was pushing. The more people pushing, the faster the box would go, obviously.
    It would automatically go on a certain track (a real muddy road for example). Maybe the handles would be a faction restricted, masons can only push on the other side of the handle, and agathians on the other side.
    This was just a quick idea.

  • Killing the Damsel is illegal.
    Masons need her for their demon-summoning sacrifice, hence the Damsel can’t be killed on the battlefield, it would be a waste.
    Agathians want their barmaid back. And they don’t want her dead from the “rescue” process.

  • Ok ok, you’re going a bit over the top there buddy, demon summoning lol, masons are just some kind of a heretic faction :P

    There are no demons, they are not satanists. They just use every mean to achieve their purposem which makes them the evil ones.

    I would say, just kidnap her to blackmail the agatha king, like in king arthur where they kidnap arthurs future wife to tell him to surrender from the war.

  • That’s what they want you to think ;)


  • Also nothing says that the rituals that the Mason’s might be conducting are anything else but rituals.

  • The Masons in this game are to look like Templars right? If so, that’s who I’m fighting for. British Templar FTW!

    I’m a Mason irl, but the order has been watered down by all the fresh blood.

    The Masons look evil in AoC, cough like Germans cough, and this is unrealistic.

    From the Agathian concept art, they look to be French still, and that’s how it should be. Britain was at war with France for so many years, this game could have a realistic side to it!

  • Sounds about right. Good old British standard: “We’re bored, we have lots of money what shall we do?” The answer “War with France… again” Nice and simple.

  • Ritualistic behavior never got me anywhere.

  • Thread derailed. I’m off to make Gmod screenshots and concept art of what I imagine this “Capture the titties” mode to be.

  • Hey may scenario is realistic and it would be a move away from the cliched help help damsel.

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