Death animation

  • One of the things I always hated about first person melee was that I felt blows didn’t have much weight to them. Especially killing blows. Now my concern is when I saw the dev blog (about a minute in) a knight two handed a sword right into a guys stomach. Now when he died he sort of fell over but I feel if I hit a man full force in the stomach with a sword he’d either be split in half (but seeing as how he has armor…) or more likely the blow will launch him backwards. Also civilians don’t have much armor to speak of so a sword would cut through them like butter. What I’m trying to get at is if the blow was hard enough to kill it should have a genuine effect to be realistic. I don’t know anything about making games so I can’t really suggest an answer all I can say is that (in my opinion) the deaths should be just as realistic as the actual fighting.

    Not that I don’t like the game, it is by far the best medieval game I’ve ever seen. Ever :D

  • I am in full agreement with this post. Two handed weapons should have a touch more impact then just an enemy slumping to the ground.

  • agree

  • Well realistically you most likely wouldn’t actually cut anyone in half specially if they had armor, so making it more realistic than slumping over / blood = an odd prospect in sense its just improve the animations and add more blood / special effects.

    Personally speaking I’m fine with death animations since you have ability to roll / smash heads.

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