Clan tags under names

  • In the option, if there was a simple input field asking for your clan name, which showed under your name when someone hovered on you. This would encourage more people to join clans and this will eventually lead to more clan wars and stuff like that.

    People who play alone generally get bored and start wanting more new things, like maps and weapons, game modes, when there is still things they haven’t fully experienced, like a competitive match. Of course maps, game modes and weapons are always good and sometimes really wanted like duel mode.

    Obviously a more advanced clan system would be preferred, where you can create a clan and join clans which automatically shows your clan name, but even simply adding what I mentioned above would be a good start.

    Personally I played about a week and started to get tired of the whole thing, only till I joined a clan I found myself playing regularly.

    Apologies if this has already been suggested. I did try looking.

  • There have been a few threads, but most relate to convenience. You make a strong point regarding the loss of interest in solo players.

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