• Ah, Duel mode…
    You can’t wait for that can you? Well, NEITHER CAN WE! So In our excitement, we (By we, I mean my brother and I… Mostly him. lol) have come up with a brilliant idea to host a DUEL TOURNAMENT, awarding copies of chivalry to the winners, for them to do whatever they please…

    Good idea? Yeah, we think so too! :D
    With any good idea comes preparation and planning, so give us some time.
    More details to come!

    DaRk | Humblar Tabulu :fenc:

  • Love it. But where from? Can’t expect over 100 ping in a duel to go well.

  • @DeminRamst:

    Love it. But where from? Can’t expect over 100 ping in a duel to go well.

    Well, seeing as we are from New York, probably on the East coast of the US. I honestly dont see a problem with ping, as long as its below 150 - 200. Anything after that, it gets messy…

    We have a Chicago-based server right now (DaRk | Clan Server | TO), and are most likely getting our Duel server hosted on the East coast also, when the patch comes out that is.

    DaRk | Humblar Tabulu

  • Yes It would be hosted east coast, sorry for anyone that it makes it unplayable for but we only have east coast servers currently and in the near future. Mainly this will be a way to have some fun, see some hopefully skillful duels and at the same time expose some people to Chivalry who may not have the means to get a hold of a copy themselves, bringing more attention to this great game and increasing the community size.

    As for pings, I don’t think anyone over 150 ping would want to participate and probably that would be the absolute limit. Like my overzealous second in command was saying, we are still in the early planning stages so things will be worked out over the next few weeks. Stay tuned and in the mean time don’t be a stranger.


  • Sounds great and limiting it to 150ping is a good idea if you want it to be a good duel (which would eliminate me in the EU :( ) But fair is fair.

    I also can’t wait for it, btw how will it be set up, game mode wise? My favorite duel mode I have ever played is Survival in Unreal games, where all start as spectators, then randomly picks 2 guys, they start duel, loser goes back to end of the line in spectator mode and winner stays and fights the next guy in-line.

    All parties can chat and speak to each other while fights go on and maps are usually small but fun.

    I hope that is the way they do it.

    Off-topic but related, Please devs, give us capture the flag!!

  • I like that system Blackjack, as an official game mode, but I’m not sure it’s ideal for an actual tournament.

    Instead I’m thinking along the lines of a DBZ martial art tournament style. A bunch of people in the first tier duke it out, the winners go on to fight each other of the adjacent bracket, until you get to the final match. :)


    Actually, not really.

    DaRk has DISBANDED!!! So, I don’t know if this tournament will happen, at least by our hands.

    If I were a rich man, I would throw this tournament myself, but seeing as how this IS NOT some alternate reality where I am loaded, I don’t think it will be happening…

    My apologies to you all,
    Humblar Tabulu

  • That sucks to hear about your clan, man. Apologies.

    May you find other brothers and sisters to fight for your cause in the future.

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