To fix game balance, one must fix the animations

  • To quote myself going off topic on a similar thread,

    I think we can all agree that this game’s main issues lie within the animation department. Think of all the animation related issues that affect regular game mechanics.

    You’ve got shadow swinging, which is the animation of a swing playing before the actual swing is initiated.
    You’ve got lookdown crouch overheads, which I’m not so critical about because they’re counterable and have enough setbacks that the skilled can take advantage of people doing it. It isn’t a bug either.
    You’ve got feint comboing, which was tweaked for the stab, but still perfectly viable for overheads and swinging.
    You’ve got idle flinch, which is possibly the worst one in this game. Regardless of how skilled you are, this isn’t blockable when your weapon’s animation hasn’t ended yet (without feint comboing into a block, which you would require lightning reflexes to do)
    You’ve got backwards stabbing, which is where you ride up someone’s behind so close that when they stab in the opposite direction, the hilt/shaft hits you in the gut, and you take full stab damage.
    You’ve got 360 degree spin stabs, which are ridiculous when applied to a weapon with the speed and length of a weapon like the halberd. The halberd doesn’t need to slash when its stab outreaches a swing, and can be dragged in almost exactly the same arc as a swing.
    You’ve got weapons remaining active after the swing is apparently over, which is plainly evident in the overhead of all slow swinging weapons.
    Then, you’ve got parrying that simple gets broken through. What I mean by this is a parry or block where you hear the usual clunk or chink noise, but you receive full damage for the swing. This may be a mechanic I’m not aware of, but it’s happened to me for no damn reason in the past.

    All in all, this game’s problems lie within animation, and mostly not balance issues. This apparent “ultra parry superstab” that this thread ascribes to is another example of the many animation issues in this game. If this game fixes its animations, weapons that some people think are “OP” will suddenly become balanced. What I’m trying to say is that animations are the source of all the main problems in this game, and mustn’t be pussyfooted with minor “balance tweaks”.

    Off topic, but fairly on topic as well.

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