My personal (long and tedious) fix for UDK.exe startup prob

  • I’m completely serious. And I know this fix won’t make most of you happy, and it doesn’t automatically mean it will fix everybody’s problem, but what I did was: I re-installed my copy of Windows 7 Professional. Now it works perfectly fine.

    That’s all.

    EDIT: Oh. And to be clear: Before I installed Chivalry on my new install of Windows 7, I made sure I had ALL (I stress ALL) the latest Windows Update updates. Such as Service Pack 1 and the like. That could very well have been what fixed my problem, rather than the clean install of Windows 7.

    Also, remember, once you’ve made a clean install of Windows 7, keep in mind that Windows Update will NOT install ALL the latest updates in one go. Even if it gives you 100+ updates to install, that doesn’t mean you’ve got all the latest updates.

    After every update process, go back to the Windows Update section in your Control Panel, and click on “Search for updates” until it says (after it finnishes searching) that you have all the latest updates, and that there are no new updates for your PC. Oh, and make sure you tick “Recieve Recommended updates the same way I recieve important updates” in the Preferences section of Windows Update. Just to make sure you also get all the recommended updates.

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  • I suspect it is simply a classic case of mismatching Visual C++ runtimes. As soon as you install another game that uses it, the version working with Chivalry may get corrupted.
    This was 1:1 what happened to Hotline Miami, and the only fix was to uninstall all the “same year” runtimes as HM required, rebooting, installing only the ones the game itself liked, and then playing.

    Might be similiar here.

  • I suppose it’s possible. I did have a shitload of visual c++ versions installed I noticed (back when it didn’t work). I have like 2 or 3 now.

  • I truly and honestly hope you’re both wrong unless they can be fixed with a patch.

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