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    I’ve set up a Linux server (ubuntu 12.04 LTS) with Wine installed and from there I’m running my server. It’s a 32slot server.

    The hardware specs for the server is a 5 core Xeon processor with 5gb ram and a 100mbit network interface. The network card only runs 100mbit full duplex but in my head it should still be more then enough to host this server.

    When there’s 0-20 ppl on the server it runs pretty near perfect (things can always get better no matter what) but when there +20 ppl the problems begin to appear with ppl complaining about lag and high pings. Pings goes from 40-60 to 120-200.
    Is there a place in the config files where i can allow the server to use all of the bandwidth or is it possible to allow the server to use public IP’s so it could utilize 2x 100mbit internet connections? Or is the lagging problem not caused by the internet connection or the server but something else?

    Btw, my server was setup using this guide:

  • Check out some suggestions in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=72&t=3725

    Likely you have a bottleneck somewhere on your system. Is this a VPS or something (there is no such thing as a 5 core Xeon… there are quad then hex, but not 5)? If you are on a VPS system you need to see how many processor threads you actually have as well as your CPU shares. When the CPU can no longer keep up with all of the action on the server, it will introduce extra lag due to the server processing. For example I used to run a 64 slot server but recently reduced it to 32. Even having 2 cores @ 2.93 GHz dedicated to UDK.exe, it would start to introduce this processing lag at around 42-44 players.

    Setting your server to use public IPs is going to be dependent on your networking situation (either a NAT of your public IP or the ability to actually set your system itself to a public IP).

  • You are correct - It is a VPS.
    There are plenty of CPU power left even with 32 players connected, but as i described, I still have some problems with the server. And even though it is a VPS i actually have 5 cores allocated to my system.

    But thanks for the link - I’ll try and give it a look - Otherwise i will try and relocate my VPS to another hypervisor.

  • Sorry I wasn’t very clear - on my 64 person I still have plenty of CPU time available as well, yet the issues you’re describing would occur at 42-44 people like clockwork. I still haven’t exactly figured out why this is and so far nothing has remedied it. I figured it may have something to do with the CPU time slicing but I could be wrong.

  • Had the game running on a beefy Xeon processor t’other day, server crapped at about 42-44, got pretty unplayable at 64 (BUT WAS CARNAGE! :D :D :D :D )

    The processor was barely being hit, I’d guess the issue is with how the engine is running on a multicore environment? rather than one very very fast core.

    Just my thoughts :)

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