Map ideas

  • Last Man Standing Map Called Cliff:
    Looks like that mortal kombat map where theres a round platform the players fight on
    and when falling off the platform theres spikes, The weather is sunny but cloudy, Theres hills around the platform, and beyond the hills the players can see a Small village.

    Last Man Standing Treasure map called Old Castle:
    The 2 Factions heard of a old treasure in this castle,
    It is worth lots and lots of gold.
    One team must capture this Statue of a…Great king or a Weapon…
    Then the team with the statue must run out of the castle all the way back to they’re camp.
    The other team must stop the running team, If they stop them they must get the statue and run back to THEY’RE camp. Once either team captures the statue The game ends.
    The DETAILS:
    A Old castle, With a ruined bridge leading to the entrance. The torches inside the castle are put out, and its dark, So someone has to be a torch holder.
    There is a couple of broken down doors that lead to a yucky crappy room thats ruined with skeletons in it.
    One of the rooms lead to a armory, which has some torches in it.
    Theres a old stone staircase, Once the team walks up the stairs…AT THE TOP IS some Mason Order Knights! its a ambush! You must fight your way to the statue before you get killed! its last man standing. The upstairs has some windows and some skeletons and some doors, the statue is in the Throne room, Theres a staircase next to the throne the leads to a basement with the statue in it. And you must grab dat blablalballblalbal etc.

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