Killstreak Rewards and/or Buffs (Sorry if Mentioned already)

  • Hello all,
    So i’ve been tossing around this idea in my head of killstreak rewards and or buffs for players in CMW. I know, you might think of Call of Duty when I say that, but bear with me.
    I got the impression from several forum posts that the dev’s do NOT want to disadvantage the already disadvantaged and give advantages to the advantaged- basically make the game unfair by rewarding already skilled players, and I understand that view point.
    But I have to disagree to some extent, I think it’s important for a player to be rewarded for their luck and or skill when they do something bad *** like get X amount of kills or something. And I am aware that there is a fine line for rewards like that, it’s important to make sure it doesn’t make someone too powerful.

    So to the point, here are my ideas for Killstreak Rewards and how they would work. Please tell me what you think and any variations of what you have on them.

    1. Since the game is Medieval themed, you couldn’t actually “call in” a bunch of kill streaks and so forth because of the technology limitations (maybe a few), but maybe there can be “blessings” which are pretty much buffs for players that they get to chose from.
    2. I would understand if the dev’s want to stay away from fantasy like aspects such as “blessings” etc, so I thought maybe instead, after a play gets x amount of kills, they get an adrenaline rush for thirty seconds to a minute, which essentially speeds up movement and striking speed, so they could essentially go beserk after having a nice kill streak. Again, it shouldn’t be too powerful, but just enough so the player feels rewarded and can have some fun after playing good.
    3. The third option would be to have actual rewards very similar to COD (except medieval , but personally I wouldn’t like that as much as just maybe enhancing gameplay with a realistic buff such as an adrenaline rush, or focus rush for archers or something.

    Those are my ideas, thanks for reading and let me know what you think please!

  • Although there is some thinking behind these ides, I just think this is a bit unbalancing as you said.
    In FPshooters, a large number of kills happen without the player involved actually thinking he could have survived (grenade, lucky shots, bombardments) and thus rewarding survival is indeed a welcomed feature, whereas in a FPslasher, most kills can be avoided with skill , so rewarding skill just favors the skilled ones more as no luck is involved in their survival. I think there is no way of avoiding the situation you want to avoid by adding this kind of features.
    Still, if the devs want to prove me wrong, I won’t mind at all.

  • Expect the game to be rough as medieval warfare. Killing three in one life will give you TRUE satisfaction :)
    Alas, i am for some fantasy mod for CMW, cause i’d like to fight with blessing, curse or just hit someone with my firesword ;)

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