Full Console Command List


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    General Commands

    • Open IPaddress:port ===> To connect to a server.

    • Open IPaddress:port?Password= ===> Following by the your password, to connect to a server as admin.

    • Reconnect ===> Reconnects you to the current server.

    • Getall aocgri servername ===> Shows server name.

    • Suicide ===> What do you think? (It will happen in 5 seconds)


    • Votekick ===> Following by a player name, allows you to start a vote to kick a player.

    • Confirm ===> Following by the ID of a player, confirms your action (ban/kick).

    • Votechangemap ===> Following by the exact map name, allows you to start a vote to change map/mode.

    • Voteresetmap ===> Allows you to start a vote to reset the game map/mode.


    • Adminlogin ===> Followed by the server’s admin password, allows you to log into a server as an admin. (Must be done everytime a new map/mode starts)

    • Adminlogout ===> Logs out as admin

    • Admin ===> Followed by any command executes that command on the server. (Note: See “Other”)

    • Adminkick ===> Kicks a user. Type in a partial name (or no name at all) and you’ll get a list of matching users

    • Adminkickban ===> Kicks a user and permanently bans them (i.e. puts their IP/NetID in the config file). Also takes partial names.

    • Adminchangemap ===> Changes to a different map. Be sure the map actually exists (see the map list), otherwise you may crash your server.

    • AdminRestartMap ===> Restarts the map.

    • Admin aoc_endgame ===> Ends the current game. (Easy way to change a new random map/mode)

    • AdminChangeTeam ===> Swaps a selected player to the opposite team.

    • AdminChangeTeamDamageAmount ===> Change team damage amount on-the-fly; from 0.0 (no damage) to 1.0 (full damage)

    • Setbind O adminlogin password ===> Change O to any character and password to whatever your password is


    • Admin addbots ===> Followed by the number of bots, allows you to add bots to the current game.

    • Admin killbots ===> Kills all the bots on your server

    • Aoc_drawtracer 1 ===> Weapon tracing

    • Admin aoc_slomo ===> Followed by the speed value (1 = 100% = normal, 2 = 200% = double, etc), allows you to change the game’s speed (very funny!).

    • Admin aoc_showdamage ===> Followed by 1 (= on) or 0 (= off), allows you to see damage taken in the game.

    • Admin aoc_showspeed ===> Followed by 1 (= on) or 0 (= off), allows you to see your walking speed (as HUD) in the game.

    • Aoc_camera ===> Followed by a number (0 = normal), allows you to change your view mode (very buggy!).`

    • Stat FPS ===> Displays your Frames Per Second and the Ticks Per Second.

    • Setsensitivity ===> Followed by a number , allows you to change your mouse sensitivity.

    • Setbind O Command ===> Change O to any character and Command to your choice

    I will edit this comment when I discover more commands :)


    And btw, I don’t post useless “working” commands here. Because they’re simply, useless. :p

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