Is there a way to turn off names by default not by H key?

  • So When playing games like Free For All, it would be nice if by DEFAULT the names did not show up, as it amounts to kinda cheating, rather than legit discovery and search. I know it’s only one key - H - to turn it on and off, but my users have been complaining about this issue.

    Is there something I can edit in the ini files (if so which one) to remove the name highlights from FFA?

    Thanks in advance

  • @korefuji:


    I had the same question posted recently. Unfortunately, according to one of the mods here (Kimiko) there isn’t a way as of yet.


  • oh boy i feel like an idiot, I did search but didn’t come up with anything. Well this thread can be closed then, I don’t want to start a dupe.

    Thanks for the reply Goldfire

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