Player Voting / Server Autokick Settings suggestions

  • Hello there,
    First time on the board here. Congrats on developing a wonderful game. I have three helpful suggestions if the developers are interested.

    The common problems:
    I’ve witnessed many occasions where people will vote others off a server for no valid reason. Also, if a player is successful / winning, I’ve seen the opposing team vote the player off with invalid reason (just making something up) so to increase their teams odds of winning the round. Or if you are a solid team player but have one tk accident, a person can rage vote you off similarly. I’m sure I’m not the only one with these scenarios happening to them - these are reoccurring annoyances that takes away from game play and return visits to a server. People can lie and cheat to vote others off - misusing or abusing the system. And I’m sure these situations are not intended as part of the game play.

    The suggestions for solutions:
    In another game I played (BF3), there were 3 helpful anti-team-killing settings that worked in tandem, when friendly fire was enabled on a server.

    1.)4 team kills and auto kick (and can not log back in for a certain timed duration). On third team kill, the server prompts the user a final warning of an impending boot if another tk ensues. It worked great, players did not worry about rampant team killing because of the auto kick.

    2.)Forgive feature. Say a player makes their accidental tk, the server listens to the fallen victim (for a timed duration) and asks if he/she forgives the team kill. If the victim types /forgive , the team-killer does not get penalized for the auto kick tally, or gets penalized in score either.

    3.)Punish feature. Say a player makes their blatant tk. They apology and go on their merry way while your corpse has fallen- no repercussions till the 4th team kill? Not with the punish feature. The server, while listening for /forgive, also listens for /punish (for a timed duration). This command kills the blatant tker on the spot and gives them a slightly extended re-spawn time penalty- a time out if you will. Here, the tk is tallied for the auto kick, negative points to score, and they get a small time out from the game.

    These settings still provide allowance to the accidental team killing to a degree, and it cuts out the “misuse” of the current voting system. Plus as players, these settings actually helped develop better player skills in regards to accuracy and responsibility in weapon usage; and also were conducive to building team play / camaraderie / rapport.

    Also, the current vote kick panel is large on the screen and interrupts the game play’s wonderful graphics / immersive environment. If the voting panel is kept, can the size be reduced, minimized, or ignored- especially if players have no control over the vote spamming for the above mentioned reasons and thus having to ignore them so to enjoy the game? On some servers, I’ve seen vote spammers that just sit there (not playing) and go through the scoreboard one by one and try to vote people off.

    Hope this helps,

  • I approve this message.

  • ah fuck we need to get rid of trolls eh?


  • Unless trolling is encouraged?

  • I have noticed that this happens way less often in NZ/AUS than it does in Europe or the US.

    Sometimes when the person at the top of the scoreboard gets a votekick fo TKing it doesnt go through as everyon knows its an accedent or it was in the start/end of round bash up. In NZ and AUS at least. This doesnt happen in other places.

  • Canadians never kick anyone without just cause.

  • @gregcau:

    Canadians never kick anyone without just cause.

    Glad I met a fellow countryman on this topic. I agree with the topic as well, but a lot of TKs I see are accidental, just some relatively new guy panicking in a fight as a VG or K and LMB spamming so he might survive (to get shot by an archer, lol…). So, it would have to be exceptionally good to detect intentional or accidental TKs.

  • Well, that is where the “/forgive” command comes in very handy.

    So say someone tk’s you by accident, you can forgive them and they can avoid the tk penalties.

  • Yes please fix this!!
    Teamkillers ruining the game, makes it no fun to play :|

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