• So a big part of gaming for me is physics because it essentially enables every kill to be unique, but there can be good physics and bad physics.
    So I want to know, (because there is barely any gameplay footage out), how good are the physics in CMW?
    When I kill somebody with a warhammer to the dome, and I hit hard enough, will he be knocked down in the direction I hit him? and with a lot of force? WIll it look kickass?
    I don’t want each death to be like in MW3 (or any FPS) where they just go ragdoll and flop and slide on the floor, leaving me unsatisfied.
    Pretty much, are the physics for kills, really cool and well done? Can an alpha tester answer this for me?
    Just want to know because getting cool kills is what makes me want to play games, and I assume other people as well.

  • yes, i mean, as far as i can tell, i have no alpha time, my computer’s hdd fried on me :/ still waiting on replacement from toshiba.

  • Look closely at the footages :) It WILL be VERY satysfying :)

  • I was fielding that idea about my brain, didnt quite want to spout it down on ‘paper’ but glad to think im at least correct in my fielded thought.

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