Perminant FPS drop when alttabbing back to game

  • Hey everyone, Let me get straight to the point:

    I get “Permanent FPS drop when alttabbing back to game” for some reason…I My PC tares this apart 60 fps, nvidia GTX 680, 3.8ghz i7 8 gig of ram, nice o/c mobo to go along with everything.

    It doesn’t happen in any other game, I’ve googled and tried to find it, so I can NEVER alt tab or I can TRY to get back in game but then it runs 1 fps, and then when I alt tab back out the game tries to take over my pc and I can’t do diddly squat.

    It’s SUPER frustrating to be in a match and STICKY KEYS goes, or aI need to reply to someone in skype, my mouse is now horrible FAST since the game has closed, so, It’s actually causing ALOT of problems with me.

    Also, the server list never saves and randomly sets the game speed to <90 so no severs appear.

    I’m annoyed cause I manage to break EVERY game I play.

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