Finishing your oppenent by stabbing them (animation)

  • Like in skyrim, How you brings his sword through his stomach.
    This would only happen when your oppentent is falling (black and white screen thing before respawning)
    And you do MOUSESCROLLUP And you bring your sword through his stomach and the oppenent on his screen can see it going through him and he just falls forward when you take it out because hes kinda like leaning forward after getting stabbed in the stomach :D This is just for gore and plessure. MUWHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    It would be fun doing this with the king at that town of agatha, That was the best moment of the map….Guards rushing out trying to defend the king…Wow…The best…

  • And then you die because you spent too much time for it.

  • @Petters:

    And then you die because you spent too much time for it.

    Indeed .

    (I Guess next I would say about that topic will be unpleasant for some , so I finish my comment here .)

  • I would say instead of a long stomach stab animation like in Skyrim and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, the player would do a quick 1-2, as in Stab in , kick off, in a very short time, not 4-5 seconds.

    And finisher’s should only be done with some sort of special finisher key when your opponent is almost dead. If you do it right, it would grant you some bonus like full stamina, or some type of adrenaline for a few seconds which would serve as a secondry stamina bar that slowly drains.

  • To put it bluntly, even if this feature wouldn’t cripple the game (it probably would), it’s a waste of development time.

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