Poll: 1st person or 3rd person in melee

  • So for melee which view do you prefer.

    I find 1st person incredibly hard for blocking long weapons so while I try it now and again I generally revert to 3rd person.

  • 1st person always, havn’t played 3rd person since Tomb Raider 1/Syphon filter!!
    If WOTR was 1st person I would be all over that, however I would agree that 3rd person does have its advantages especially regarding in game awareness.

  • I do with they would fix the aim dot in the 3rd person since it points at the wrong spot.

  • 1st person at all times.

    Edit: 90% of this game is range control and timing, so I strongly recommend using 1st person in all situations. Additionally, competitive matches are unlikely to allow 3rd person view, so it is good practice.

  • 3rd person, only because I like to have some situational awareness. First person is just too restricted in view for my tastes, and I prefer not to wildly swing.


    And the ‘centre of view dot’ does need to adjust to the differing 3rd person perspectives - perhaps rather than having it as a notional ‘centre of view line’ have it as an actual point a metre or so from the player’s body to give a bit of depth perception.

  • 1st person all the way. I don’t believe anyone using 3rd person has any solid advantage over me because of the view.

  • First person. I think you can be more precise with your attacks and parries than in 3rd person.

    3rd person does allow more awareness, although you kinda can’t see as well in front of you and often are totally blind when backed up against a wall.

    I also think 3rd person makes you have a natural tendency to look downward more than you would in first person- I usually assume guys that seem to be looking toward the floor all the time are playing in 3rd person. ;)

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