Delete character/Start a new character

  • In other games (for example Dice`s Bf series) you can have more than one profiles. Is there a way in chivalry to have more than one character at a time or to delete your old one and start from scratch?

  • I don’t really understand why there would be a need for this. You don’t make any character progression choices so the only thing you would be doing is restarting the weapon grind.

    If you just want to change your name then do it through the steam profile.

  • Having a character name per class or just one profile period would cut down the childish behaviour.
    People would be far more careful how they act.
    Well hopefully!

  • Multiple profiles would allow for multiple keybinds so you little bro doesnt have to mess with your bids when youre not looking. :x

  • I second this as I want to retain my current Steam name, but it’s somewhat unwieldy in Chivalry.

    Agree on the negatives though, could be easy for skulkers to slip through the cracks.

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