NEW MAPS! Now with screen shots!

  • [attachment=0:1x09ktj9]2012-07-22_00003.jpg[/attachment:1x09ktj9][attachment=1:1x09ktj9]2012-07-22_00004.jpg[/attachment:1x09ktj9][attachment=2:1x09ktj9]2012-07-22_00001.jpg[/attachment:1x09ktj9]aoc_narnia.bsp

    Ok well I finished my first conversion map for AOC! It is called aoc_narnia.bsp. It is a converted map from a very talented designer named RedClaw. He started mapping AVP2 maps long ago and then went to CSS mapping. So I give him full credit for the original design. I basically added AOC objectives from overlook and strategically placed them in the map. Spawn locations change when the Thrown area is capped. The flags are by the original spawn location and have to be taken to the same location as enemy team for flag capture. Beware though as there is a pick up able xbow by the throwns and the secondary spawn is in the wardrobe close to final flag cap. This map has lots of hills and trees for ambush and defense and I hope that you will enjoy it.

    It can currently be played on the Kila clan server as I will be putting it in rotation. If you would like a copy to play on your server, just ask but you will need to create a standard .cfg file so that it will rotate out properly.
    Map can be found in rotation here: |KiLa| Thunder Dome - Recruiting - Custom Maps - No Warm Up
    Or direct download: … narnia.bsp

    I will also be finishing up another 4 to 5 new maps that will also be conversion maps. I will post the updates here. Some of them are about half done because not everything converts well into AOC. I am also considering re tooling current maps and restoring pre cr2 maps for objectives and re optimizing them for better fps. I currently have copies of AOC original beta maps but would love to find copies of CR1 maps to restore as the objectives were in many cases far better than CR2 updates. So post up and let me know.

  • [attachment=0:2yqrupdc]2012-07-22_00008.jpg[/attachment:2yqrupdc][attachment=1:2yqrupdc]2012-07-22_00005.jpg[/attachment:2yqrupdc][attachment=2:2yqrupdc]2012-07-22_00002.jpg[/attachment:2yqrupdc]++++UPDATE++++
    Need some feedback on the spawn/cap redirect. Currently if you cap the thrown area it moves cap team into the wardrobe which is closer to the flag cap alter but away from flag and original spawn. Originally I was thinking that if you capped the thrown area it would place enemy in wardrobe and away from their flag but closer to the cap alter for defense. So play it and let me know which is better. I am also thinking on moving Mason spawn a little further back on the hill by Mr. Thomnas’s house.

  • :P

  • OMG, they look so cool! :)

  • Major props to you Retsnom and red-claw. I tried the map out… and an excellent map it was indeed! except there seems to be invisible walls around the stone table… it did feel a little small but that’s perfectly normal for a lot of converted maps. I don’t know if this is normal but whenever I hit one of the skulls ( say the one in Mr. Tomnas’s House) IT WOULD EXPLODE INTO A PAIR OF LEGS!!! I found this to be quite fascinating. this map had me entertained for a large amount of time. well-done.

  • yeah the invisible wall is what makes up the difference in mason side and agathia side for flag cap. After playing in now for a few weeks, there is a flaw in that a MAA can zerg rush the objectives and end the maps pretty fast, so I am going to move the flags further behind both spawns making it tough to get the flag as you can make a choke point at both flags as well as choke points for flag capture. I am also going to finish up a death match version of it first to 100 kills. I have about 6 more maps I need to finish hopefully with in the next few weeks.

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