Fun idea for the future of the game (hopefully).

  • A lot of people refer to Chivalry as Call of Duty with Medieval weapons. I personally don’t like CoD and love this game so I think it’s a poor comparison, anyway one fun aspect of CoD is getting something after kill streaks. This would be especially fun in this game because they are so damn difficult to get before dying.

    I think it would be awesome if after getting 6 kills a horse would spawn with a prompt like “Your steed my lord!” and you could mount it and trample people. It would have HP, and would stop its momentum if it took enough damage so polearms/archers would be most valuable in stopping it. But Knights and MAA would have to time their strikes or they would get trampled easily.

    Im sure doing this would take a lot of money, and would need to be put in an expansion or something, so I hope you get the kind of support you need to continue, the possibilities of this game going forward are endless. I honestly didn’t even know about this game until I saw a reddit post about it, and subsequently the steam sale, so def think of more creative ways of advertising. I tell everyone I know about the game that are hardcore gamers and they all love it but all never heard of it, so let’s get the word out on this awesome game. I played it with my brother and his friend who aren’t gamers and they had a blast playing it. It’s fun for people even to watch, it really does have the makings of a fantastic popular game. Keep it up.

  • i have a killstreak of 12 i call in the wingy bomb.

    well horses have been discussed man and they said no. the maps and the whole combat are not made for it. (even tho i loved the idea). maybe in some awkward mods or in the future of tornbanners games.

    and for my like: no, no killstreaks like you said this is not CoD.

    ps. horses are cool, mods too.

  • Well I do wonder sometimes whether some of the CoD:MW kiddies purchased this C:MW game without reading the full title.

    But I don’t think killstreak perks should be in it. The only thing I’d like to see from a killstreak is your character yelling some special voice lines specific to it, much like in TF2 (discussed in this thread).

  • C’mon, horses? We’ve been over this already. His Majesty (Steve Piggott) does not approve of them.

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