Custom crests for guilds displayed.

  • Myself im am an australian of the 1st generation, hailing all the way gurnsey to france.

    I have a great respect for your knowledge of this time and it seems we have a common knownledge, i am very knowledgeable with your family Coat of arms also, now im guessing you were close to being a frank no?

    but please forgive me if i offended you in anyway, so i jest.

    Beside what other great appeal is there for CMW then putting yourself in the place of a noble knight.

    True honor and chivalry was birthed in the dark ages and through medieval times.


    Bitting my thumb at you.

    Love gallows

  • Count me in then, good sire Lance.
    Sir Gallows would shit his pants seeing us coming, alas he has no honor and courage to hold incoming shit inside da belly :P

    Great respect to You both, hail from Poland :)

  • Would love this. My brother would probably make his swastikas.

  • @Professional:

    My brother would probably make his swastikas.

    Please dont let him, its too risky to even try to claim the “religious symbol” arguement. Its far to easily recognizable for evil, this would also call for a player profile sheet that anyone could visit (think battlelog) and a reporting system for offensive material. But they could require that any symbol set not in the pre-approved set to be submitted before use, think like halo: Reach, but if you want say, like my family crest, submit the image to Torn Banner, and they would approve or deny the request, then apply it to your character.
    This is only a suggestion, and would require much more programming, maybe an addon?

  • It would be awesome to have banner / crest fully customizable in sense we are able to upload our own, as long as their all checked / approved before being active, because I don’t want to look at really poor textures nor do I want to look at some offensive or stupid stuff.

  • I cant imagine how to aprove crests of all the players. Mb it should work for preorderers
    But for everyone else i liked WotR banner system

  • Just saying, three circles, a rectangle, and imagination will give you the desired wang.

    Aditionally, great idea.

  • That would be great fun to have rival guilds and stuff :D

  • I would love to have a symbol of a world or something even cliparty for my clan. That way when I slaughter people they see the world on my sheild and know Dies-World descends upon them with the might of ten men. :stab:

  • This would be amazing. I will most definitely back this idea.

  • Deffo a good idea! Although it sounds like a lot of extra memory usage for loading all the custom textures

  • @Scorp:

    Deffo a good idea! Although it sounds like a lot of extra memory usage for loading all the custom textures

    Worst case scenario is 32 extra textures.
    That’s not much imo.

  • Customized crests is such a good perk to add before the release! Anything to make the game feel more like GOT is good!

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