Blocking is a little easy

  • why is blocking so easy in this game? I understand the need for defense but I feel punished for going offensive when there is no guaranteed way to get an attack in, the only unblockable in the game, kick, doesn’t even stun long enough for a follow up attack, shouldn’t I be more rewarded for breaking an enemies guard?

  • You’re just not doing it well enough. When you begin to land your swings into their side, avoiding the shield, then you’ll be rewarded with kills.

  • You have to be smart in this game to get around defenses. You can counter attack after you parry your opponent, or go on the offensive and try to stab on their sides, or even jump before attacking. You can also delay your swing to fool your opponent and go in for a stab + overhead combo after the delayed swing hits.

    Also, use footwork. Punish players who misjudge distance and miss you. (Although be careful because some people do this unpurpose to go in for a combo attack after).

  • Feints are the bane of blocks.

    For an offensive playstyle, make liberal use of feints, but be careful in case they decide to attack anyway. To be safe, trade 1 block with your opponent before you do a feint. That longer you trade blows with them, the more likely they will fall into a routine, which is when you come in with a feint.

  • If a player is turtling by parrying, use feints to bait the parry before your real attack. Using delayed slashes with slow weapons can also be effective.

    If a player is turtling with a shield, attack from the sides or from above, depending on what attack you choose. This often works because the shield obscures their vision, making it difficult for them to track your weapon during the chaos of battle. Longer weapons wrap around shields more easily, and you must be as close as possible to the target. Feints are not as effective against shields, but they are still a very useful tool.

    The main purpose of turtling is to stall for time until teammates can arrive to assist. If you find that you can’t finish off an enemy in time, disengage and fight somewhere else. Wind up a slash while you are running away, then spin towards the enemy if he chooses to pursue for added style points.

  • Feints will mess up parry attempts from even the best players, point blank shield bashes with a fast weapon (if you’re using a shield you’ve probably got a fast weapons; most onehanders are pretty fast) will give you enough time to circle around and hit them from the side.

  • Emmeno, I tend to agree in that defensive play (i.e. allowing the other to begin initiative) is somewhat safer, including feints from a few weapon types at least. Although on that last point I just don’t really care for the feinting system, which seems to function as the basic solution to excessive defensive play in place of the use of concerted or skilled focus on a turtle’s defensive posturing. Yes it is at times possible to attack beyond their blocking range and yet mostly this is a consequence of the defending player’s actions.

    if successive blocks incurred a stamina penalty and/or reduced damage negation players would need to engage more actively than simply hold block and walk backwards, as more than a few are inclined to do in the midst of ffa games and such. Long and short is, I would rather see additional levels to the offence-defence design rather than having to use feinting as a recourse.

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