Fix VoteKick abuse

  • I’m sure I’m not the only one facing this problem:

    Too many times when I’m playing, and doing well, someone on the other team will initiate a votekick. There is seldom time to even find out ‘why’ you’re being kicked, most people just vote yes.

    This morning: case in point. I finished top of the log for 4 rounds in a row, not a single team kill. The other team, in frustration, initiated a votekick at the end of the round, and then again at the start of the next. My team, which was winning, even asked why am I being voted against. The other team said nothing.

    It’s so demoralising and pointless. Can’t we have a system where if you want to votekick someone, it at least states a reason? And if it fails, then there’s a delay or something before it can be done again? At the moment, there’s just too much abuse.

    I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels this way: but if every time I do well I’m going to get booted off the server for it, I might as well go play something else.

  • Before someone responds about my attitude etc:

    I wish I knew how to store my chat logs so I could post (if someone tells me I will gather some for posting). I’m always super nice in game, compliment people on good kills on me, offer advice on objectives, wish everyone luck at the start of every round and congratulate everyone at the end of one.

    I refuse to believe people have a problem with my attitude when, in victory or defeat, I’m just happy to be playing.

  • @Tygarus:

    I wish I knew how to store my chat logs so I could post

    You can check the chat in the console, then just take an screenshot with fraps or just press Print Screen and then paste it on paint and save it.

  • Thank you kindly for the information, good sir. I’ll definitely do that in future :)

  • Do we need new thread about this issue every day?

  • I think a way to mitigate this problem might be to make only the team of the player that is being kicked able to vote

  • @rumpelstiltskin:

    Do we need new thread about this issue every day?

    The stickied dev post above says that the Devs will respond if the community feels strongly about something. Presumably a post a day about an important issue then would better attract their attention?

    There’s little point to giving feedback with the attitude of “well everyone hates it so why complain”. They can only do something if the community, us, speak up :)

  • Unexplained votekicks often fail, which is good. Though I wish people wouldn’t vote unless they knew what was going on, and I wish the kickers would give a reason more often than they do.

  • I’ve had this happen to me on many occasions, though not because I was coming first. Often, people chose one player to annoy the entire time they are connected. I suppose this is them trying to “troll” or some something. In any case, I’ve been vote kicked three times in a row from the same server because this person and his friends were all on the server and thought it was funny to get me kicked constantly.

    The devs can’t actually do much to solve this, as all the settings to do with votekicking are available in the servers configuration files. Things such a time between votekicks, only kicking people on the same team as yourself and so on, are all available - but more server runners are too lazy to change them.

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