Feintable parry?

  • Let me start by stating, that as casual player I don’t have much troubles with feinting - footwork and aggression allow me to avoid the issue of “guessing” most of the time. On public servers it is.

    Still, related forum threads made me wonder - what would happen, if any action will be cancelable? Could parry-feinting be an answer to attack feinting/guessing?

    Main issue I see with such an approach is that dueling players with decent ping and reaction might get into infinite loop. If they forgot how to kick, of course.

  • feintable parry is not possible, as feint has no windup in opposite to attacks. You cannot cancel an attack, only the windup. Also the recovery time after a parry is essential for this game. There’s a good reason why you cannot cancel an attack after it is able to do damage. For the same reason you cannot and should not be able to cancel a parry after being able to parry with that parry (crazy sentence xD)

  • This would pretty much turn parries into melee-only shields. Just throw up a parry, wait until it’s about to end, and feint it to throw up another one.

  • I see, I missed the point, that parry works as a “deflect anything in a time frame if aimed right”. Well, at least I understand system better now, thanks.

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