Shield bash and run around enemy - how do you do it?

  • I have read a lot about doing a sheild bash and then using the recovery time to run around your opponent and hit them in the back or the side.

    How exactly do you do this if you are MAA? Do you just sprint beside them after the bash? or do you dodge forward then around them?

    How do you do it with vanguard or knight?

  • 1. Be as close to the enemy as possible.
    2. Hold sprint as you shield bash - you’ll continue to move forward slightly, so they won’t be knocked as far away.
    3. Move forward and to the side your attack is coming from, turn drastically, and swing. You should pretty much start swinging as soon as you’re able to, because the stun window where you cannot turn is brief.

    And you pretty much don’t do it as a Vanguard because Vanguards can’t use shields (kick is slower, you have less time to attack after you recover from kicking) and have slower weapons. You might be able to pull it off with the hatchet.

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