Questions/Suggestions from new server admin

  • Hi All,
    Blue Fang got my server up last night (thanks guys). I have searched the forums and I don’t think I can do these things, but maybe I missed something. I thought about putting these in feature requests, but they seem to belong here.

    1. I would like a way to set Max Ping for the server. High pingers coming in cause problems.
    2. Is there a way to create an admin list, so that anyone on the list is automatically protected from kick votes?
    3. Would be nice to be able to use custom banners on the server.
    4. Would be helpful for messages from the admin to be more noticeable - such as center screen.
    5. Is there a way to customize the messages that appear in the chat window? I would love to turn off the “so and so has entered the battle” and “so and so has left the battle” messages. Would dramatically cut down on the messages for a cleaner experience.
    6. Is there a way to set up a splash screen? when running a left 4 dead 2 server, you could specify an HTML link and it would display that page on loading into the server. Very helpful for posting rules and such.
    7. The IP address listed on the scoreboard page is wrong. I’m told this is a known issue? Also, can we display the server name on this page?
    8. CRITICAL: I really need a way to reserve slots. I don’t have to have to kick anyone when I want to play on my server.
    9. Is there a way to set up banned words for the chat? Would be an easy way to cut some of the racism…

    A side issue - I can’t actually see my server in the server browser. I can go to it directly using Open in the console, and it’s usually full so others are seeing it and joining. Any idea why I can’t see it?

    I have falling in love with this game, and I really hope to see the server admin features grow; I’d like to be playing this for a long time. :)

  • Good suggestions…

  • hello

    good suggestions

    but now the servers and for the moment there is limited admin

    can be later

  • I like these suggestions. Valve’s servers (Source Engine servers), in my opinion are much better than the UDK ones, but this can’t be helped. So yeah, all of those things are present in TF2, L4D, CS etc.

    It would be nice if the devs of Chiv implemented some of them.

  • Good suggestions…
    It would be really nice if they added some ways to promote clans and so on, on the server at the moment its really hard to do that. Only way seems to be to create binds and spam the chat but that usually goes ignored.

    About the problem of you not seeing your own server in the list, are you running it on the same network? If it’s on the same LAN/handled by the same gateway you must make sure you have correct NAT/routing rules so your machine can reach the external IP used by the chivalry server.

  • Thanks for the input. The server is actually hosted by Blue Fang, and seems to show up for some and not for others. I’ve only seen it in the list once or twice, but it is almost always full so others must be seeing it.

    Having just joined a clan - I agree with you on the clan features. This game just screams out for competitive play, so hopefully that gets some attention over time.

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