Improve Single player a touch?

  • I’ve been an avid player since the release, but however I’ve moved to a more rural location where I can only get satellite internet rather than DSL. This means lag, the servers will no longer even retrieve for me.

    And so though I still prefer human opponents, the single player “Create Game”, has been growing on me.
    However there could be some improvements for it to be more enjoyable to those of us in my situation.
    My first suggestion would be rename it to Single Player or the likes. It hits the ears and eyes better, you know?

    Perhaps make it a separate game, where you need to unlock your weapons separately from the multiplayer mode? (-Thank heavens I have all the current weapons unlocked, btw.-)
    Perhaps the achievements could be this way as well, duplicates parenthesized with (Single Player)?

    Also a random map and game type would be nice, say if one is unsure at the time.

  • Agree Create Game was a poor name - I assumed it was create a multiple player game lol.

    Its great for training.

    Doesn’t make me feel great though when the bots get more kills than me.

    And some of those bots are real TKers.

    They do need to fix arena, half the bots get stuck in the entrance tunnel.

  • I agree with this. I bought Chivalry before I had decent Internet when I saw “intelligent bots” listed as a feature. The tutorial was meh at best and the bot battles are only fun until you learn that they almost never block.

    Single-player campaigns take a lot of resources, though. I’d be happy with some improved AI and running all the maps randomly or in order according to the story, so it’d essentially be the multiplayer, but with bots. As much as I’d love a fully fleshed-out campaign with a detailed story and deep characters, ultimately, that would take a very long time and I don’t expect it.

    Maybe a bot difficulty slider?
    A way to make bots go for objectives? Or be king? So TO is possible offline?
    Varying bot skill levels to simulate different player levels?

    Just suggestions. Before anyone gets up in arms, I don’t want these things immediately, and I’m perfectly fine with waiting till all the current issues are resolved and more multiplayer content is added. I’m pretty sure OP is the same.

  • Yeah, I’m not really expecting anything big. Though the bots are rather glitchy and it would be nice if they were worked on, but yes that does seem like some tough work, and so I don’t ask for it just yet. The main thing I’d like are the achievements (for more objectives to work on), and weaponry unlocks, again both to unlock the weapons and something to work for.
    Hell if this is implemented, I would love it if my weapon unlocks are reset just so that I can work for them back.

    If just these were done, I would be content, and by my thinking, they seem like they would be easy to implement. It sounds like it would be pretty copy-and-paste, really.

  • Single player improvements would be nice, but aren’t required. Many games such as this focus only on the multiplayer side of things. With internet access available almost everywhere, and the popularity of Steam - single player is becoming scarcer everyday. Though - you still have awesome games like Skyrim … ;)

  • Yeah Skyrim is nice and all. But it isn’t quite Chivalry, and I’d love love it if Torn Banner would at least make a separate but parallel weapons unlocking and achievements. Would that be so difficult?

    I am thinking about everyone here, like the majority who plays multiplayer and doesn’t have internet problems. That’s why I’m keeping it simple. More to it would be awesome, like working on the bots or something. But for now, I’m thinking small, simple and efficient to give a little something to us solo-artist minority, so that Torn Banner can concentrate on the majority of their product.
    I’m sure they would anyways, just saying.

  • I’d be happy with some better way points for the bots, unlock the weapons (or different unlock system from MP) and a bit more customizing such as bot difficulty and other modes for the available maps.

    And why are some maps not available, or game modes?

    I’m pretty sure there’s a console command to load up your own offline match as you desire, but I’ll have to do some more work when I get home to confirm.

    something like:

    open (mapname)?maxplayers=32?minplayers=32?difficulty=2

    ^ Works in another UE3 game I play anyways.

  • Some people want single player with all weapons unlocked, some want it being a separate unlock track from multiplayer. Can’t please everyone :(

    You can change the map to whatever you want by calling a votemap once you startup your single player game. You will win the vote everytime lol :)

  • Add possibility for chose number a bot in each team team

    Be possible make 4bot + player VS 10 bots

  • @shayologo:

    Add possibility for chose number a bot in each team team

    Be possible make 4bot + player VS 10 bots

    Good idea, the bots are never able to kill all the peasants - even if I help them by killing my own team.

  • True on the weapon unlocks, I’d just like it to where at some point I’ll be able to get the new weaponry when they come out. Also, the mentioned separate (but still identical) achievements of course.

    The bots and the way@Cpt-Praxius:

    I’d be happy with some better way points for the bots, unlock the weapons (or different unlock system from MP) and a bit more customizing such as bot difficulty and other modes for the available maps.

    This I agree with and would like to push, like maybe they auto spawn at new objective areas? Because they do get hung up. I’ve had to make do with workarounds like playing only King of the Hill in Hillside for an example, due to them getting hung up.


    Add possibility for chose number a bot in each team team

    Be possible make 4bot + player VS 10 bots

    I don’t know about this, but another similar improvement, might be giving the player an override over the Team Balance to freely switch teams mid-game.

  • I’d love to see single player move towards a Conqueror 1086 model, where you fight in an historic setting and siege / capture castles etc…


  • Oh, it would be nice if all maps would be selectable, and all modes.
    A Random selection too would be nice for those times that one just doesn’t know where they would like to play.

    Also, could the bots maybe somehow be able to switch between their primary and secondary, weapons? Maybe at least randomly spawn with a randomly selected weapon drawn from their equipment?
    Could those with throwing weapons at least act as archers and throw their ranged weapons until depleted or in close range?

    These aren’t huge things I’m asking for, (save for the bot improvement suggestions. Those aren’t as important to me, as I know the multiplayer is you guys’ primary focus of development) just a more complete experience, closer at par with the main multiplayer mode.

    With the community patch coming out, I would like to remind that this is important to me, as I no longer have DSL, just satellite.
    Servers no longer display, and even if they did, well… lets just say my latency in PVK2 is oh… about 900. And this is with my Steam connection set in line with my new connection. So yeah…

    Please, I don’t like to beg, but I’ve been a loyal player for almost 5 years now…

  • yes inet is a bitch. i support all offline and all kinds of singleplayer stuff.

  • i’ve been running a dedicated ffa bot server for a few days off and on.i was surprised how many people join it.the create game menu doesnt show all the maps that will work.heres how;)

    make a shortcut to udk.exe than add

    chivalrymedievalwarfare\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe AOCTD-Moor_p?team=255?NumPlay=13

    NumPlay=number of bots you want
    team=255[max bot skill]

    list of maps that support bots







    TEAM OBJECTIVE:[dont work very well]


  • You see, that’s why I’m asking to have the single player oriented Create Game (which again I wish were called Single Player), because you’re still talking about an online server.
    It won’t work for me, as its online, where I have incredibly frustrating lag.

  • that is a offline server for singleplayer.
    that’s not for the dedicated server i run that on my other pc ;)

    see the difference
    AOCFFA-Arena3_p?steamsockets -dedicated=true -seekfreeloadingserver -multihome=INTERNAL IP

  • do you mean like this?
    here you go ;)

  • Ah alright. Still, though it sounds simple enough, I don’t feel kosher with it, probing for the file and whatnot. I do thank you graciously though.

    You see, I don’t want to to make him sound like an a-hole, but this isn’t my computer, its my brother’s that I play it on. Even single-player runs poorly on my own computer, with everything turned completely down. I have a feeling there is little risk if at all, still I don’t feel comfortable with it.

  • i did what you wanted.
    move on

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