Bots triggering end of game in Stoneshill

  • In AOCTO (Team Objective) Stoneshill, I noticed that if you’re playing with bots only and there are no humans on Agatha’s side, once you use the battering ram to destroy the gate the game ends; no bots spawn as the king.

    Obviously the quick fix for this would be to play with humans, but (say what you will) I love the fact that the devs included bots in this game. More often than not the community on Steam games is childish and uncooperative, and my brother and I enjoy playing LAN.

    Is there some line of code I can change to allow a bot to spawn as the king? Or did they not allow this for a reason?

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

  • Sorry, the bots are only supported on the Non-Team Objective modes.

  • Thanks for your reply Andrew.

    Is there any plan for CTF bot support?

    Thanks again.

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