Divine Bladesmen Looking for Mature, Skillful Players!

  • Hello everyone, John Aka Marksman JP here looking for some Mature Swordsmen to join up for some objective oriented team play and for some good times. The Divine Bladesmen is the name of this newly founded Guild. A name me and my Co-Founder St0ve hope you will come to be very fond of. We have a good bit of experience now in this game and feel it was a good time to group together some people who have the same objective, Team work oriented mindsets like ourselves (While still being cool to have some laughs with). We have a Ts server ( ts31.gameservers.com:9255 , pass DBM ) you can hop on Pretty much anytime if you are interested in joining up and talk to me or St0ve . We do have some rules/requirements in order to join however, which are listed below.

    ___RULES For The Divine Bladesmens - By Marksman JP ( John ) and St0ve ( Dan )

    -1. No one under 13 - No exceptions (Much be Mature for all ages).

    -2. No Racist/offensive remarks ( Try and keep Cursing to a minimum but not required ).

    -3. Must show some skill or at least try your best to learn.

    -4. Must play in manor that is Teamwork oriented and play more for the objective and less about k/d.

    -5. Try to be on at least once a week or at least as often as possible ( We know you have real lives too).

    -6. Have Fun and kick ass!

  • Come join Up for some fun while learning skills to get the win!

  • Sounds like a group I’ve been looking for.

    Please do add me on Steam so we could talk a bit more about this.

  • I’m interested, and I don’t suck :D
    Admiralxela on steam.
    And, bonus, I DON’T have a real life outside of Chivalry, I’m on pretty much every day at some point.
    Rank 31, East Coast, 177 hours of gameplay.

  • Interested, “average” player and still learning.
    Add on steam if you want :3

  • hey im very good vanguard here add me Notorious B.I.N.K

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