Hi new here to the forums.

  • I’m also sort of new to the game as I haven’t been playing it in a while. It takes me a bit of effort to kill someone or multiple people before I die.

  • You probably saying about AoC?

    Hi there.

  • Welcome aboard! Feel free to peruse.

  • Welcome Weaponeer it’s always good to have new players for this game. Your right the game is hard it takes a while to get use to and by a while i mean a loong while, i still get negative kill death ratios in the game. But if you keep playing and observe the opponents movements youll be able to kill them more often. Also the best way to kill people is to stick close to your teammates and team or “gang up” on people.

  • Hopefully Chivalry will have a much better learning experience for new players than AoC did. I know it’s something a lot of the developers have wanted because they understand what a steep curve it is to even get into AoC, let alone get really good at it.

  • Same here, totally new to all of this. I did check a few vids of AoC, cant belive I did not try it out at the time of its release.

  • Has anyone ever tried a Shotgun Crossbowman? Basically you run up to some heavy-armor type and shoot your crossbow up close and he dies and then you run back to somewhere safe and reload to do another close shot.

    I find it a rather bold and risky thing to do because if they do a pretty fast insta-kill onehit BEFORE you shoot the bolt in the guy’s chest, you’re screwed. This happens alot and usually I end up dying.

    But if someone were to master the art of aiming closely with a crossbow and killing them with one hit that would be OP and invincibly awesome. Like any crossbowman who knows how to do this even in the slightest bit has a pure advantage over every class.

    I’ve done it myself, it actually takes out ALOT of health. Now if I got headshots for every close encounter I would be invincible. I mean if Brother Samual can pwn people with a very short but spikey mace for a long period of time then I can pwn people with a bolt up close for a very long period of time. I mean think of the possibilities!

  • Shotgunning is extremely dumb and annoying ;)

  • @SlyGoat:

    Shotgunning is extremely dumb and annoying ;)

    Lol that’s what your mom said.

  • Uh…huh.

  • @SlyGoat:


    You don’t get it, don’t you. If you hadn’t put the ((( ;) ))) smiley face and the “annoying” word in there it wouldn’t make it out as a sex joke.

    Therefore I won this battle of words, come at me bro.

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