Cannot slash when Sprint powered up

  • I posted this complaint a while back, but I think it got lost in arguments about whether Sprint was useless or not. This is independent of that.

    It frustrating to me not to be able to leap into the cluster of enemies, when I’ve been running, with a good slash. Even being aware of the problem, every now and then I find myself doing an accidental sprint attack and getting my ass handed to me, when I just meant to slash. (sometimes the sprint powers up at the last moment, or sometimes switching out of run mode doesn’t get recognized quickly enough).

    Please give us a way to either bind the Sprint to a different key, disable it, or SOME way of doing a slash instead a sprint attack when running.

  • Do a stab or overhand. Or just let go of the sprint key just before you swing.

    That’s what everyone else does.

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