Class tutorial Pressing E does nothing

  • Bought this game for the boy and myself. On both computers it has the same problem in the tutorial. Pressing “E” in the class tutorial does nothing. As such it is impossible to do any of the class tutorials. We can do the archer tutorial by picking up some arrows which starts it but can only complete up until retrieving the pavise shield where it gets stuck as pressing E does not retrieve the shield.

  • The tutorial has a few bugs at the moment, (this is probably one of them). Feinting on the Advanced combat one is bugged at the moment too.

    Hopefully the Tutorial will be fully working in the patch that’s coming out this month. :)

  • Try pressing “i”. I think with the last patch it got switched over to "i: and I had to manually change it back to E. You can always go into your keybinds and change it to E and then continue on with the tutorial. Sorry about that!

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