• When a person get a hit to his helmet he hears a clang quite louder than when he got hit in any other part. Small but nice addition that will increase immersion.

  • I agree.
    Plus a temporary blurry vision might be nice also for strong hits or a small fade out and then fade in of the surrounding sounds. Something like a temporary (1-2 sec) loss of clear sight and hearing.

    Certainly one more reason to aim for the head.

  • I am very much for this, having been hit in the head while wearing an accurate sugar loaf helm I can tell you that it is definitely a minimum of 1 second of being jarred to the point where you lose your target. Especially on a full power blow from a mass weapon, like a mace or a hammer. I like the idea of blurred vision or something similar to shell shock like you see in FPshooters.

  • blurred vision

    it was discussed in other threat and majority decided that visual effects are annoying …
    But still if it could be less than 1 sec and depend on how heavy weapon is
    like sword - 0.3
    falchion - 0.5
    mace - 0.6 (or much less because mace is “berserk” style and it will be somekinda cheat if you spam hitting someone)
    2h sword - 0.7
    halbert - 0.8
    then it should work i guess

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