Ping Problem

  • There is definitely something wrong with the official servers 19, 17 and 18 based in Singapore. I live in Malaysia which is the neighbouring country and I’m getting 150 ping, my friend also has the same problem.

    Before you blame my internet connection, I never had this problem until the servers were down, around the same time as the last big update, and they came back up again with this bad ping. I also play other games like CSGO and TF2 on Singapore servers but have no problems. There is also a Taiwanese server which is further in distance yet i can get 100 ping, on that server.

    This is a pic of the server’s ping

    As you can see from the picture, the pings are extremely high, the only people with unaffected pings are Singaporean players.
    I’m also guessing there’s something wrong with the server search list because theres a couple of players from Europe and US who have no idea that their actually suffering from high ping because they are connecting to servers based in SouthEastAsia.

    This is almost making this game unplayable for me but i freaging love it and this is pissing me off. Also this is the second time i’m posting on this, my other post which was a month ago just got ignored.

  • Hello,

    I’m sorry that your other post was ignored. Unfortunately, I do not know why this is happening. It’s possible that the problem lies with the server hosting company (Multiplay). I’ll throw this at the Devs to see if they have any ideas, but I don’t know if we will be able to get a definitive answer for you.

  • Yeah its definitely the Multiplay servers because my problem got worst just a day ago, all the official servers just got worst for me, now ive got 300 ping on local region servers and 500 ping to AUS servers but strangely my connection to US and EU servers is unaffected with 300 ping.

    I’ve only got 2 playable servers left which are based in Taiwan with 100 ping so im guessing their privately hosted?

    Thanks for the reply, I really hope you guys can solve this problem asap because i really love this game but its totally unplayable for me right now.

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