• can we remove vote kick, its being abused rather than be used for cheaters.
    if you kill the wrong person, they will activate a vote-kick and most people will click whatever first button so it can get out of the way.

    how about instead of that, the person who has a problem with you faces you 1v1 or 1v5 for 5 matches whoever wins, wins the argument.
    also it would be great to have a button to hide the votekick option when people try to do it.

  • Yes, people seem to have more fun with the votekick then with playing the game.

    Suggestion: How about making the VK window disappear after you vote. It’s really annoying when it constantly takes up 1/8 of the screen.

    Also, how about a limiter that limits number of VKs initiatable per round (to 0 or 1 would be nice).

  • I say tweak it so if a person kills 5 people who are friendly then they get a votekick start automatically which removes the abusers out of the equation.

  • I agree with either changing how the votekicking is initated or removing it all together because all i’ve seen it used for is abuse, mostly in FFA matches some sore loser will votekick whoever is winning out for no reason other then they are winning and the kicker is not, i’ve been victim to this abuse time and time again as have my friends who i play the game with on a regular occasion.

  • God, people… There are a ton of servers out there. Suck it up and move on, please.

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