Competitive Play

  • If the Devs want this game to have more publicity there needs to be streamers from coverage and the best way to do that is having competitve play.

    Look at games like LoL, Shootmania, Starcraft 2, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, etc.

    They are popular because there is competition. There is leagues and ladders, ELO systems to rank players.

    Even CS:GO implemented a league system to rank players’ ELO and that is great.

    LoL is in Season 3 with it’s competition. A good way to advertise this game is to have competition and matches.

    Dota 2 will not be on top of steam stats if it wasn’t for all these tournaments going on.

    Add features to make this game fun to watch.

    Things like better Spectator mode, promote tournaments, ladders, leagues, etc.

  • This guy has the right idea.

    Making the game more competitive and rewarding will, in turn, make the game more popular.

  • I like the idea, but make them seperate from what we have right now - I’d hate to get kicked from an official server because of a tournament, for example. Plus, I would probably just stop playing the game if they made competitive play like you’re saying mandatory, it just takes away from the experience.

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