Graphics - Scenery Stretch - HELP NEEDED!

  • Hey all,

    I’ve recently bought the game and about two minutes into the tutorial the graphics went, lots of items distorted and stretched right across the map and obscured the view. The character and NPCs and weapons were fine but the scenery was all over the place blocking my view completely. This makes the game completely unplayable and a real shame as I love the concept of it.

    I have restarted both my game and computer and verified the local content via steam.

    I tried updating my graphics card but it is already up to date and I can play games such as Skyrim, Call of Duty and Anno 2070 on high with no problem.

    My laptop is HP ENVY 14-1190ea Notebook PC.

    I think it should be able to run it properly, and I have not been able to find such problems over the last week of searching there forums and internet (I’m sure if it’s out there you guys will know where to find the solution) so I’m posting here.

    I hope that someone can help so that I can play the game, I love supporting games and developers but I paid to be able to play not for faulty software that prevents me from playing in the first place. (I’m am certain I am the one at fault but I can’t seem to fix the game so I need your help).

    Thanks a lot for any help!

    PS: In the tutorial when I go to the class tutorial none of the trainers apart from the welcoming one will talk to me… Any fixes?

    PPSS: I can take a picture if it helps.

  • Hi Rodvard,

    Please attach your Launch.log (after you play the tutorial with the wonky graphics) and your DxDiag.txt in a reply here. Also, does it happen if you create a singleplayer game with bots or play online?


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