Best setups for each class in Competition?

  • What classes and setups are used in competitive play currently? What are their roles?

    I am assuming MAA is used for quick attacks, Knights are for tank, Archer for range picking off players, and Vanguards for long reach.

    Man at Arms - ?

    Knight - ?

    Archer - ?

    Vanguard - ?

    What are their roles? In a 5v5, what do we generally see the pros running? 2 knights 1 MAA 1-2 Archer and 1 Vanguard?

    What are the most viable roles?

  • It can vary, but in our case, generally we pick our classes based on playstyle. All of our most aggressive players usually go Knight, those that can comfortably survive even 3v1 and still find time to get a kill or two in, whilst the Vanguards and MAA generally back up the Knights, or deal with things until everyone else respawns and regroups. The Vanguard’s range keeps them alive (in a teamwork situation, not entirely true for 1v1 situations though), whilst the the MAAs dodge helps to keep them alive. In the 8v8s we do, because of the 50% rule, we go 4 Knights and either 3 VGs 1 MAA, or 2 VGs, 2 MAA, occasionally, we have a Warbow Archer which replaces either the VG or MAA, mostly reserved for defence though. In 5v5, our primary ESL team is currently 2 Knights, 1 VG, 2 MAA whilst the secondary is 2 Knights, 2 VG, 1 MAA. All of our Knights run either Sword of War, Longsword or Poleaxe. All of our MAAs run Dane Axe. All Vanguards run either Halberd, Bardiche or Spear. The odd Claymore makes an appearance, although 2H sword play should stick the with Knights. Archers exclusively use Bodkin Warbow. I don’t think we really use anything else than that.

  • MAA- Hit and run, capitalizes on distracted enemies + punishes grouped up enemies with firepot
    because of the way MAA is as a class, you can pretty much run any setup you want to but the most common weapon is dane

    knight- tank, initiates fights so that vanguards + maas can do damage with minimal risk
    shield knights with falch/SoW or SoW/Poleaxe + throwing axes

    archer- warbow + bodkins, cudgel
    free damage at range, counterarchery, big backstab damage when situation calls for it

    vanguard- halberd (most used), spear, brandistock, greatsword
    basically deals safe + big damage using range as a tool

    all the classes are viable from a competitive standpoint

    usually you will see at least 1 knight, maa, and archer

  • Thank you so much for the information it provided me with a lot of wisdom!

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